Advertising Services

IREX-Connect offers advertising services to clients across print & digital media, advertorials, outdoor advertising, TV & Radio.

Print Media

Our expert teams specialise in the buying and planning of newspaper, press and magazine adverts all over India; from major national publications to local titles, to promote a full range of products, goods and services. We have over 20 years-experience in coordinating and delivering cost-effective print advertising campaigns. Print Media mediums include newspaper ads, magazine ads, advertorials in newspapers and magazines, press coverages etc.

Digital Media

We deliver targeted online campaigns that generate leads, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness through digital marketing. Leverage the reach of the internet for your marketing goals by focusing on various digital channels – Display Advertising on Sites, Content Marketing, Demographic And Behavioral Targeting, Contextual Targeting, Remarketing, Social Media, Video Promotions, etc.

Outdoor Advertising

We offer advertisers enormous reach and true engagement with their key audiences, through the vast range of outdoor advertising spaces available in major cities, airports, metro stations, railway stations and stadia in India. We ensure that our clients get the highest degree of exposure at the best possible rates.

TV & Radio

We pride ourselves in providing the full range of services necessary to ensure high production values, the best media rates in the market and vast experience of planning and buying advertising on TV & Radio.