Bespoke Events
IREX-Connect offers bespoke event solutions to reach their target audience in an exclusive environment. We offer these bespoke events as Individual Roadshows, Seminars, Webinars or as One-on-one meetings.

Individual Roadshows: It is a turnkey service offered to international real estate and immigration companies. Our team handles the event on a turnkey basis from booking of the venue, display, A/V, Lights, F&B, Hostesses etc. along with event promotion to ensure footfall of the right clientele. The road show can be organised in any major city of India – in any busy upmarket shopping mall to attract direct buyers or in a five-star deluxe hotel for one or one meetings with HNIs and channel partners.

Seminars/Webinars: A solution for international real estate and immigration companies to conduct seminars/webinars for prospective investors and channel partners to educate them about their projects and programs. These seminars can be organised in a five-star hotel. Our team will give full end-to-end service from booking of the venue, display to bringing qualified investors, channel partners and direct clients. These seminars can be conducted virtually as well, through webinars on Zoom, Google Meet etc.

One-on-one meetings: IREX-Connect offers this add on service as an extension to the IREX-Connect Qualified Lead Generation Program. After finalising the qualified leads, our team sets up personal meetings with the prospects as per the time and venue preference of the immigration/real estate company. This service enables companies to immediately engage with the lead directly. These meetings can be organised locally in a hotel or virtually.