Qualified Lead Generation

The Qualified Lead Generation Service by IREX-Connect offers exclusive qualified leads to international real estate and immigration by investment companies across the world. Through this service, we enable our clients to reach high potential leads directly without having to go through multiple stages of qualifications themselves.

IREX-Connect through the lead generation service will help companies to directly access promising leads which are carefully, logically, systematically assessed with various internal tools and qualification procedures. All leads shared are pre-qualified, assessed and scanned by our internal processes and each lead shared is exclusive to your company. You achieve maximum ROI with minimum involvement of your team in the initial introductory and follow up period.

An initiative by the organisers of IREX, IREX-Connect draws upon the huge experience in precise targeting of investors from all over India who are seeking international real estate/immigration by investment options across the world. As IREX is well known to draw maximum quality clients, we bring the same level of expertise in our lead generation and marketing services that maximize your return on investment.


Explore Untapped Market Potential

Opportunity to tap the growing market of India for international real estate and immigration by investment.

Quality Leads

We only deliver high potential leads who have interest in your project and program.

High Conversion Rate

Quality leads that we provide have high potential to convert due to multiple rounds of qualification based on your parameters.


All leads shared will be exclusive to your company and are never shared with any other company or individual.

Optimize your valuable resources

Outsourcing your lead generation procedures will help you focus on closing the leads rather than waste your valuable time and resources in the filtration process.

Ease of Communication

Time difference and language barriers are overcome since we have regional teams who will be a part of the lead generation process.