Surge in demand for International Residency & Citizenship in India

India has the second highest millionaire outflow in the world. Because of good quality education and economic prosperity, Indians are now aspiring to be a part of the growing global community. This has led to India having the largest emigrant population in the world. One can find a sizeable population of Indians in countries like US, Canada, UK, Australia, UAE, Singapore, etc. As per the Indian Ministry of External Affairs report, there are more than 32 million Indian people residing outside India. The number of HNI Indians who are looking for foreign residency and citizenship is rising with India having the second highest millionaire outflow in the world.

The growing trend of investment in international real estate and popularity of international immigration by investment programs in India has shown that the Indian market has a young, ambitious population who are becoming increasingly affluent and mobile. This has led to significant growth in the number of Indian nationals seeking residency and citizenship abroad. There is a growing trend among Indians buying property in foreign countries due to higher disposable income, desire for greater diversification of investments and potential for higher returns on investment.

Earlier, investing in international real estate was restricted only to HNIs, now the demographic of people investing in real estate for business, second home, ease of doing business and attaining residency/citizenship has seen a sharp rise.

As per the recent studies conducted by the Government of India, around 1 percent of India’s population resides in foreign countries. Also, the numbers suggest that there are more than 32 million Indians who are currently living abroad permanently in various countries. And the same study further suggests that more than 600,000 Indians have given up their Indian citizenship and gained citizenship in foreign countries in the past five years. These numbers are set to grow expone in the coming years.

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